Blue Demo Network

Blue Demo Network



Startups need to test their solutions and demonstrate them to potential users/industry. However, there is lack of information about what Portugal has to offer in terms of services and infrastructure that can suit the startups needs and the communication between different infrastructures and the promotion of their services are still deficient and little oriented towards this target public. The Blue Demo Network is the solution to this problem, since it brings together, in a single and easy access point, a series of Portuguese infrastructures and services, suitable for blue tech based startups and SMEs. Its main goal is to promote and make accessible to startups all over the world the means to test and demonstrate the functionalities of their solutions and boost Portuguese blue bioeconomy. Bluebio Alliance mediates contact with the appropriate infrastructures/service providers. The infrastructures and services include: (1) Access to fresh, brackish and salt water.
Access to ponds, tanks and aquaculture areas; (2)Access to laboratories for biotech / biochemistry / biology / chemistry processes and pilot studies; (3) Access to office spaces – meeting rooms, training rooms, virtual incubation and logistical support; (4) Access to support services such as IP, legal advice and business support in incubators.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2018 - Ongoing


Raquel Gaião Silva
BlueBio Alliance