Base Afrique de l’Ouest Beyond AMMA Base

Base Afrique de l’Ouest Beyond AMMA Base



In the framework of the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) programme, several tools have been developed in order to boost the data and information exchange between researchers from different disciplines: a user-friendly data management and dissemination system, quasi real-time display websites and a scientific paper exchange collaborative tool. The information system is enriched by past and ongoing projects (IMPETUS, FENNEC, ESCAPE, QweCI, ACASIS, DACCIWA…) addressing meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, extreme events, health, adaptation of human societies… It is becoming a reference information system on environmental issues in West Africa: BAOBAB (Base Afrique de l’Ouest beyond AMMA Base). The projects include airborne, ground-based and ocean measurements, social science surveys, satellite data use, modelling studies and value-added product development. Therefore, the BAOBAB data portal enables to access a great amount and a large variety of data: (a) 250 local observation datasets, that have been collected by operational networks since 1850, long term monitoring research networks and intensive scientific campaigns; (b) 1350 outputs of a socio-economics questionnaire; (c) 60 operational satellite products and several research products; (d) 10 output sets of meteorological and ocean operational models and 15 of research simulations. Data documentation complies with metadata international standards, and data are delivered into standard formats. The data request interface takes full advantage of the database relational structure and enables users to elaborate multicriteria requests (period, area, property…).


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Ocean Observation
Time frame
2017 - 2021


European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology