Australian Ocean Data Network Portal

Australian Ocean Data Network Portal



The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) is an interoperable online network of marine and climate data resources. IMOS and the 6 Australian Commonwealth agencies (see AODN Partners) form the core of the AODN. Increasingly, though, universities and State government offices are offering up data resources to the AODN, and delivery of data to the AODN is being written in to significant research programs e.g. National Environmental Science Program Marine Biodiversity Hub and the Great Australian Bight research program. The marine data collections are made freely available to the public. Data covers a wide range of parameters in different ocean environments collected from ocean-going ships, autonomous vehicles, moorings and other platforms. The scope of observations, geographically spanning ocean to coast, and across disciplines (physical, biogeochemical, biological), provides a challenge to deliver an intuitive easy-to-use robust information infrastructure enabling users to efficiently obtain the data they need. The AODN publishes further information and guidelines that will assist the community to participate in the AODN. The AODN Portal is a single access point for marine data published by AODN contributors.The Portal incorporates a catalogue of metadata, a search interface driven by facets utilising controlled vocabulary terms, and a map interface that can be used to interact with AODN datasets and offers data download in a number of formats. In depth information is available for the AODN Portal Infrastructure and Data Management


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Sebastien Mancini
University of Tasmania