Arctic and North Atlantic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network

Arctic and North Atlantic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network



The overall aim of ARCSAR is to fast‐track uptake of existing innovations and knowledge by practitioners, predict future needs for innovation and knowledge, and identify priorities for security and standardisation across the Arctic and North-Atlantic (ANA) region. The ARCSAR network will address the ANA region, preparing to cope with the Security and safety threats that will result from increased commercial activity in the region including traffic through the Northern passages, cruise traffic, and offshore oil and gas activity. The specific objectives of the ARCSAR project are: (1) To establish and support a new Arctic and North Atlantic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network (ARCSAR) for practitioners involved in front-line security and emergency response, directly involving practitioners, existing networks, stakeholders in universities, research centres, and industry, and those involved in governance, and policy-making; (2) To gain an increased understanding of target areas for improvements in security and emergency capabilities across the Arctic and North Atlantic (ANA) region, by defining situations of hazard and accidents, and security threats, comprehensively mapping the needs for response measures required in different operational areas; (3) To monitor innovation and research including ideas, projects, products, services or systems for better security, disaster risk and crisis management in the ANA region through participatory activities in the network, matching appropriate solutions with the needs of security and emergency response practitioners, through dedicated innovation transfer activities in order to fast-track uptake.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Observation
Polar Research
Time frame
2018 - 2023


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