An alliance of European Marine research infrastructures

An alliance of European Marine research infrastructures



The quality of the infrastructures available for marine research affects directly Europe research performance. So marine research infrastructures are considered as key elements of the European Strategy for Marine Research under development. A coherent pan-European approach with enhanced partnership in investment, development and usage of fleets, will have a significant impact to better meet the diverse needs of European marine research. The EUROFLEETS process is based on the recommendations of a recent Marine Board-European Science Foundation report. It aims at bringing together the European research fleets owners to enhance their coordination and promote the cost-effective use of their facilities. It will support research services for the monitoring and the sustainable management of the Regional Seas and the Oceans, and will organise a common access to all European scientists on sole condition of scientific excellence. This would enable the EU to reach its ambitious goals about maintaining the ocean biodiversity or understanding climate change. EUROFLEETS aims at: (1) Working upon common procurement strategy, and build corresponding roadmap on prospective sound bases; (2) Structuring and durably coordinating, through an e-platform, the way that the research vessels are operated and their interoperability capacities; (3) Using more cost efficiently the existing European fleets and associated equipment in the frame of the European research Area; (4) Promoting greener and sustainable research vessel and underwater vehicle operations and design; (5) Providing all European researchers with access to 19 high performing research vessels from 15 different countries; (6) Fostering coordinated and joint development of European fleets, thanks to new interoperable software and underwater vehicle payloads; (7) Developing training and education at sea; (8) Promoting innovative e-access; (9) Participating to the European efforts to stay at first rank in the international scientific arena.


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Time frame
2009 - 2013


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