Teachers and researchers from MARE (Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of FCT NOVA) and the University of Cape Verde recently organised two capacity building trainings, one for trainers and one for teachers, in the area of テ「ツ?ツ?テ「ツ?ツ?Oceanic and Coastal Literacy, focusing on problems related with marine litter. The two sessions were held respectively at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Cape Verde on September 23 and at Salineiro High School (Santiago) last September 27, 2019. The organisation was coordinated by José Carlos Ferreira and Lia Vasconcelos (teachers from MARE and DCEA - FCT NOVA) with trainers Cláudio Monteiro and Renato Monteiro (researchers from MARE and DCEA FCT-NOVA), Euclides dos Santos (DGPA-UniCV) and António Barreto (Ecovision Cape Verde).

During this activity, MARE also promoted the Engagement Actions for Emancipatory Assets of the fishing communities of Porto Mosquito and Gouveia (Santiago, Cape Verde).