Survey: Capacity Development in Ocean Projects

Tracking Capacity Development Activities for Increased Collaboration

Do you work in ocean-related capacity development? Then we want to hear all about it and we want you to join our All Atlantic Ocean Research Community!

Together with POGO and the GEO Blue Planet Initiative, we are looking for synergies to enhance cooperation and better utilize resources. As such, we are currently identifying existing ocean-related capacity development programs via this brief 8-question capacity development survey

Responses to the survey will help identify existing ocean-related capacity development efforts as well as needs and gaps. This will enable us to more conscientiously consider future Atlantic Ocean capacity development initiatives, including potential funding. 

We would appreciate your help in gathering this information and in spreading the word about the survey. Can you please take a few minutes to tell us about your capacity development initiatives and forward this information to your relevant colleagues? 

Eventually, project details will be housed on the All Atlantic Ocean Research Community website for everyone’s benefit.