Focused on the conservation and sustainable use of the Azorean Sea, the Blue Azores Program works to create new avenues for the sustainable economic development of the archipelago, in direct cooperation with the program’s stakeholders. Blue Azores is an international partnership between the Regional Government of the Azores, the Oceano Azul Foundation, and the Waitt Institute. The goals of the program are to develop and implement marine spatial plans to protect 30% of the Azores' Exclusive Economic Zone, including the development and implementation of management plans for existing and new marine protected areas, to improve fisheries management, and to create a blue literacy program for schools and the community. 



The Contractor will serve as the communications lead for the Blue Azores Program. The Contractor will work with the Waitt Institute, Oceano Azul Foundation, the government of the Azores, and other partners to develop and implement a communications strategy that uses traditional and social media, stakeholder engagement, partner development, outreach, events, and other activities to create a narrative for Blue Azores that highlights the program as a critical tool for sustainable growth of marine activities, resources, and the economy in the Azores. The Contractor will be active in developing and reinforcing local relationships that support the communications of the program, internally and externally.

The Contractor will be part of the Blue Azores team, working together with 4 other people.

Blue Azores is seeking program support: Communication Manager

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