Enhancing research and innovation in the Atlantic: the four Portuguese marine related CoLABS

Portugal, with its vast coastal area and strategic location on the Atlantic Ocean, is an example of a country committed to enhance marine research and innovation cooperation along and across the Atlantic Ocean, putting the the ocean's sustainability at the center of its R&I activities.

One of the instruments that Portugal invested in to bridge the transfer of knowledge between academia, industry, stakeholders, and consumers are the CoLABs - Collaborative Laboratories. The CoLABs are entities dedicated to the production, dissemination and transfer of scientific, innovative and disruptive knowledge through research and innovation agendas. The CoLABs dedicated to marine and maritime issues are a very useful instrument to pursue the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation ambition, at the national but also European and Atlantic levels.

National, regional/local, or corporate based, CoLABs focused their activities towards the creation of qualified employment and of economic and social value in the intermediate space of the innovation system. Based on a portfolio of products or systems with greater added value, CoLABs aim to facilitate the access of large and/or SMEs to global markets through exports, as well as supporting the attraction of foreign investment in areas of high technological intensity.

From the 41 CoLABs recognised until June 2022, 4 of them “dive” on the marine and maritime area: +Atlantic – dedicated to unleash ocean-based activities in the Med-Atlantic region,  B2E – dedicated to supporting the Blue BioEconomy, GreenCoLAB – dedicated to join the pieces in algal biotechnology and S2AQUAcoLAB – dedicated to innovative processes for a sustainable and intelligent aquaculture.

Following the All-Atlantic Ocean Research & Innovation Alliance motto, CONNECT, ACT and COOPERATE we invite you to download the below leaflets to know more about the 4 above mentioned CoLABs and how they can contribute to the cooperative research and innovation in the Atlantic geographical space: +Atlantic, B2E, GreenCoLAB and S2AQUAcoLAB.