Discover some fun facts about food from the ocean!

There is a growing interest in food quality and where our food comes from. Did you expect that over 50% of seafood is farmed?

More than 50% of all seafood is farmed.

The coloured pigments that make a green seaweed green, are linked to nitrogen! Most of the nitrogen in living organisms is located in the amino acids, making up protein.

The darker the colour of green of the sea lettuce (Ulva), the more protein it contains.

Sea Urchins are a popular delicacy. Did you know that when a sea urchin is reproductively mature, the shell (test) is mostly full of reproductive organs (gonads), which are an extremely tasty seafood, known as ‘uni’ in Japan?

Sea urchin is a very highly priced seafood product, but we only the reprodutive parts.

The high content of the green pigment 'chlorophyll' in seaweed masks the orange colour of the high levels of beta-carotene!

The sea lettuce (Ulva) can contain as much beta-carotene as a carrot.

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