The ATLAS (A Trans-Atlantic Assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based spatial management for Europe) project team was invited to bring their research to the Science is Wonderful! exhibition held in Brussels on 25-26 September. The two-day event, which attracted more than 3000 visitors, showcased some of the amazing work taking place on Marie Skテ?ツ?odowska-Curie Actions and EU-funded research and innovation projects, through hands-on experiments, live demonstrations, interactive tools and face-to-face chats with researchers.

The ‘Atlantic Adventure with ATLAS’ stand displayed a range of resources from the ATLAS Educational Outreach Portfolio developed by Dynamic Earth and AquaTT. Visitors tested their sampling skills using the ROV simulator, a computer game specifically designed by the ATLAS team to explain how remotely operated vehicles are used to sample the deep sea. School students and teachers alike were impressed the with augmented colouring sheets, based on ATLAS Case Studies, that came to life when viewed through the Spectacular App. Visitors also tried their hand at surveying with the ATLAS coral reef’, a  composite of images from the Rockall Bank and Mingulay Reef, displayed as a floor mat featuring key deep sea animals from ATLAS research.  

The ATLAS team gained valuable feedback on public engagement, therefore contibuting to ocean literated citizens, a key objective of the All Atlantic Ocean Research AllianceThe stand also received visits from EC policy, project officers and other visitors from the commission. The energy and atmosphere at the event created a fantastic environment for learning, sharing information and engaging with science. We’re looking forward to next year already!

ATLAS is being funded within scope of the Galway Statement, which together with the Belém Statement as well as the EU cooperation arrangements with Argentina and Cape Verde, is buillding the All Atlantic Ocean Research Community. Its main goal is to enhance further ocean research and innovation to address the still considerable gaps in our knowledge and understanding of the Atlantic, from the Arctic to Antarctica. The European Union, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and Cape Verde have already joined forces, namely through the AORA CSA and the AANChOR CSA. ATLAS is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 678760.

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