One year after the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0, the results achieved and the steps ahead towards a sustainable ocean economy have been summarised in the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 2021 Implementation Report. 

The report provides an analysis of the first year of implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0 (AAP 2.0) following its adoption via the EU Commission Communication in July 2020. The objectives of this report are to present an overview of activities undertaken, results achieved and recommendations for future actions. Under the Research and Innovation Chapter, the report is featuring the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and its ambitions, in which the EU has invested a lot, the collaborative All-Atlantic Joint Pilot Actions (under AANChOR CSA Framework), and the All-Atlantic Youth Ambassador Programme (AAOYA), which is currently enabling young people to drive movements of positive change and sustainable development along and across the Atlantic Ocean.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance has also participated in the Annual 8th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference 2021 with the organisation of a workshop and panel discussions with the AAOYAs.

You can read the full report HERE