1st April 2022

Projecto 19 - How to bring teenagers to Ocean Science Communication

P19 combines ocean literacy, science education and science communication by inviting high school students to convert scientific marine research papers into outreach activities. The students decide what is relevant on each paper and what are the best means to convey the key messages to their generation.

The standard outcomes include news articles, social media campaigns and videos. Students can also opt to explore more artistic and creative formats, including theatre plays, songs, and street art, among many others.

What are the goals of Projeto 19?

P19 aims to promote the search and use of reliable up-to-date scientific information by teenagers to increase their knowledge on the ocean and its role in the planet's dynamics and life.

A small contribution to the construction of a society that better understands the impact the sea has on humankind and vice-versa, P19 therefore also aims to eradicate negationism and misinformation, empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

Join the Projeto 19 Final Event on the 1st of April 2022! 

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