The ocean’s health and integrity are critical for the planet and for human life, and they suffer a lot from unsustainable development. Action must be taken without delay. Companies have a major role to play, but they do not always know-how. The Fondation de la Mer, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Sea and with the support of Boston Consulting Group, has developed the first Ocean framework dedicated to companies. Thanks to this robust and holistic tool, companies can now identify and measure their impacts on the Ocean and set objectives for improvement. Built with and for companies and based on the targets of SDG14 (Sustainable Development Goal on the Ocean), the Ocean framework is freely accessible to all.

During this SEArica webinar, Fondation de la Mer will present the Ocean Framework tool and discuss its benefits with a user company, with authors of the mission Starfish 2030 and with SEArica Members of the European Parliament.

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