The Atlantos Program will launch the 1st AtlantOS Ocean Hour on the 9th of February at 15:30 – 16:30 PM UTC, that aims to revitalize the importance of implementing the AtlantOS program and intends to provide the observing community and all interested stakeholders with an update on recent activities and plans for 2021 and onwards. The Ocean Hour will be followed by a 30 min optional Networking hour (16:30 - 17:00 UTC).

The Ocean Hour will provide an opportunity for community and stakeholder engagement in the development of the All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System. An update on Atlantos recent activities and plans for 2021 and onwards will be provided to the observing community and all interested stakeholders, together with a productive discussion with the diverse panel and participants. 

The international basin-scale program AtlantOS supports cooperation, alignment of interests and the implementation of an integrated All-Atlantic Ocean Observing and information System, which connects a number of highly relevant existing and future ocean observing activities. AtlantOS brings together upper, deep and coastal observing partners, connects observing networks and supports the evolution and implementation of an All-Atlantic Ocean Observing system. AtlantOS contributes to the Global Ocean Observing System and the GEO Blue Planet initiative and benefits from support and cooperation with several other programs and initiatives (e.g. All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance).

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