Argentine Oceanographic Data Center

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Ocean Observation, Polar Research

Initiative Location: Argentina

Time Frame: 1974-Ongoing


Argentina’s National Oceanographic Data Centre (CEADO) is coordinated by the naval hydrographic service of the Argentine Ministry of Defence. CEADO maintains databases and information files in support of naval operations and research and development in marine sciences. As a reference, information is provided on the provision of services currently offered by the CEADO as well as online consultations of some data products, namely: (a) Query the Metadata Base; (b) Physical and chemical data (SW Atlantic); (c) Bathythermographic data (SW Atlantic and SE Pacific); (d) Physical and chemical data (Southern Oceans); (e) Temperature data (Fixed Stations); (f) Oceanographic Works Published; (g) National Sea Data System; (h) Publications of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission; (i) National Organizations linked to Marine Sciences.

Contact: Servicio de Hidrografテ?ツュa Nava, ceado@hidro.gov.ar

Initiative Website: http://www.hidro.gov.ar/ceado/ceado.asp