The Monitoring and Operational Forecasting System of the Portuguese EEZ

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

BeleĢm Statement Area: Climate Variability, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Resources

Initiative Location: Portugal

Time Frame: 2008-Ongoing


The Monitoring and Operational Forecasting System of the Portuguese EEZ, MONIZEE, is a reinforcement of the permanent national infrastructures dedicated to the monitoring of the marine environment and coastal zones, as well as the capacity to forecast the oceanographic conditions in these areas. In the framework of MONIZEE system, the Hydrographic Institute maintains presently in operation a set of networks for the monitoring of the coastal ocean offshore the Portuguese mainland. These include in-situ monitoring networks (multiparametric buoys, directional wave buoys, coastal tide gauges and coastal meteorological stations) – which measure different oceanographic and/or meteorological parameters at the geographical location of the measuring equipment – and remote monitoring networks (coastal HF radar stations) – measuring the oceanographic parameters of interest in areas distant from the location of the measuring equipment. The Hydrographic Institute makes available to the general public some products containing the information obtained from this monitoring system: (A) Buoys network – Map; (B) Buoys network – Table; (C) Network of coastal HF radar stations. These sets collected and transmitted in real-time by the different monitoring networks that integrate the MONIZEE system are used to improve the forecasts of the future evolution of the coastal ocean, to support the Navy missions or in the dissemination of support products to the sea communities.

Contact: Instituto HidrogrĆ?Ā”fico,

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