Tara Oceans

Initiative Type: Programmes

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology, Polar Research

Initiative Location: France

Time Frame: 2003-Ongoing


The Tara Ocean Foundation has developed an open, innovative Ocean science that will enable us to predict, anticipate and better manage tomorrow?s climate risks. We use high-level scientific expertise to raise awareness and educate young people, mobilize policy makers at the highest level, and enable emerging and developing countries to access the latest knowledge about the Ocean. Tara Ocean Foundation's scientific expeditions study three main research themes: Ocean and mankind, Ocean and biodiversity, Ocean and climate. Our goal is to understand the impact of climate and ecological change on the oceans. The Foundation is also committed to educating young people and challenging political and economic players on ecological issues to make preservation of the oceans a common responsibility.

Contact: Andr?© Abreu, Tara Ocean Foundation, andre@fondationtaraocean.org

Initiative Website: https://oceans.taraexpeditions.org/