RV Celtic Voyager

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Ireland

Time Frame: 1997-Ongoing


The RV Celtic Voyager, at 31.4m in length and a 4m draught is the smaller of the Marine Institute (Ireland) research vessels. The vessel has wet, dry and chemical laboratories, which are permanently fitted with standard scientific equipment. The RV Celtic Voyager can accommodate 6-8 scientists depending on the survey and can stay at sea for a maximum of 14 consecutive days. The RV Celtic Voyager, facilitates the collection of fisheries, geophysical, oceanographic and environmental data and is also used to provide practical training for the next generation of marine scientists.


Initiative Website: https://www.marine.ie/Home/site-area/infrastructure-facilities/research-vessels/celtic-voyager?language=en