Regional School of Protected Marine Areas

Initiative Type: Projects

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Ocean Resources

Initiative Location: Argentina

Time Frame: 2015-Ongoing


The Regional School of Protected Marine Areas is a project of the Marine Protected Area Management School for the Southern Cone. It promotes effective management of Marine Protected Areas in the region must be strenghten. We coordinate initiatives with regional perspective, to develop capacities and promote networks that contribute to their effective implementation. Its vision is to set up and sustain a continuing education mechanism, within the framework of collaborative efforts among governments, civil society organizations and academic institutions, involving a significant percentage of personnel in charge of MPA systems in the countries of the region. The objective is to promote a significant percentage of personnel in charge of key MPA management positions is properly trained for effective and adaptive MPA management, in accordance with common criteria and methods, and initiates a capacity building process in their respective organizations, conducive to improving the management effectiveness of areas within their purview.

Contact: Alexandra Sapoznikow, Foro para la Conservacion del Mar Patagonico y Areas de Influencia,

Initiative Website: