Observations and Measurements

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

BeleĢm Statement Area: Climate Variability, Ocean Observation, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Technology, Ocean Resources, Polar Research

Initiative Location: United States of America

Time Frame:


This standard specifies an XML implementation for the OGC and ISO Observations and Measurements (O&M) conceptual model (OGC Observations and Measurements v2.0 also published as ISO/DIS 19156), including a schema for Sampling Features. This encoding is an essential dependency for the OGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) Interface Standard. More specifically, this standard defines XML schemas for observations, and for features involved in sampling when making observations. These provide document models for the exchange of information describing observation acts and their results, both within and between different scientific and technical communities. Use Cases: INSPIRE - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe and ODIP -Ocean Data Interoperability Platform.

Contact: Open Geospatial Consortium

Initiative Website: https://www.ogc.org/standards/om