Objectively Analyzed air-sea Fluxes for the Global Oceans

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

BeleĢm Statement Area: Climate Variability

Initiative Location: United States of America

Time Frame: 1959-Ongoing


The Objectively Analyzed air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) project is a research and development project focusing on global air-sea heat, moisture, and momentum fluxes. The project is committed to produce high-quality, long-term, global ocean surface forcing datasets from the late 1950s to the present to serve the needs of the ocean and climate communities on the characterization, attribution, modeling, and understanding of variability and long-term change in the atmosphere and the oceans. The OAFlux project applies the state-of-art techniques including machine learning tools to derive insights from satellite and in situ observations in developing the best strategy for air-sea flux estimation.

Contact: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, lyu@whoi.edu

Initiative Website: http://oaflux.whoi.edu/