New Mining Concept for Extracting Metals from Deep Ore Deposits using Biotechnology

Initiative Type: Projects

Belém Statement Area: Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Austria,Finland,France,Germany,Poland,Spain,South Africa,Sweden,United Kingdom

Time Frame: 2015-2018


BioMOre describes a ?New Mining Concept for Extracting Metals from Deep Ore Deposits using Biotechnology?. The concept is to use hydrofracturing for stimulation and bioleaching for winning of ores. The final process will consist of a so-called doublet, which is two deviated and parallel wells. The BioMOre project aims at extracting metals from deep mineralized zones in Europe (Poland-Germany, Kupferschiefer deposit as a test case) by coupling solution mining and bioleaching. Selected sustainability indicators based on regulatory requirements of the European Commission will be applied for feasibility considerations. The main objective of the BioMOre first phase is to design and build an underground test facility for testing the concept of combined hydro-fracturing and bioleaching. The test facility will comprise a 100 m� ore block, where boreholes will be drilled horizontally using standard equipment. All necessary equipment for testing different parameters of the intended bioleaching process will be established underground. The intention is to test the bioleaching process in high detail in an in-situ environment at the same time avoiding time consuming and risky permission procedures.

Contact: H. Lippold, KGHM Polzka Miedz SA,

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