Network of coastal temperature autonomous sensors in the north of the Gulf of Guinea

Initiative Type: Network

BeleĢm Statement Area: Climate Variability

Initiative Location: Benin,Cote d'Ivoire,France,Ghana,Nigeria,Togo

Time Frame: 2007-2010


During the PROPAO program, a high priority was to develop and to maintain a long-term coastal monitoring network along the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea and to set up a regional databank (sea surface temperature, salinity, currents, winds, precipitation?) in order to provide the necessary elements for studies of ocean conditions and climate in the northern Gulf of Guinea, their potential influence on the variability of the west African monsoon and the coastal resources and environment (fishing and erosion). This program must also allow a better understanding of the dynamic processes involved in the seasonal coastal upwelling observed in northern summer and winter that strongly impacts fishing resources and activities.


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