Marテ?ツゥ de Ciテ?ツェncia - Science Tide

Initiative Type: Training

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Ocean Resources

Initiative Location: Brazil

Time Frame: 2018-Ongoing


The Marテッツソツス de Ciテッツソツスncia Program, an extension program from UNIFESP, was built to integrate researchers, decision makers and civil society to develop a Socially Innovative Public Policy program for marine conservation. Our main objective is the knowledge and skills development, and the production of participatory public policies built upon the views of different sectors of society. Marテッツソツス de Ciテッツソツスncia promotes teaching, research and actions with the community in an integrated and inseparable way through scientific literacy. This project has actions of scientific dissemination, integrated qualification of society, and research on social technologies. Our goal is to promote gender, ethnic and racial equality through scientific literacy and to value the culture, history, identity and sustainable environment of the communities involved. The Marテッツソツス de Ciテッツソツスncia Program has an integrated set of actions focused on the training process of our students, in society and in the academic community. Our students are trained to produce participatory knowledge together with society, develop their communication and leadership skills in coastal zone research and development processes. Society acts in a participatory manner, either as a target audience in actions of scientific dissemination or building research on the Citizen Science Program, strengthening the links between society and the environment. The scientific community is responsible for the production of scientific knowledge about the developed social technologies and the societal impacts. Finally, to achieve our primary objective, we integrate such actions and expertise with decision makers in order to develop an integrative stakeholder program [?] For more information please see Initiative Website.

Contact: Ronaldo Christofoletti, Federal University of Sテ?ツ」o Paulo,

Initiative Website: