Initiative Type: Projects

Belém Statement Area: Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Portugal

Time Frame: 2018-Ongoing


KIDS DIVE is a program that aims to train children and young people (8-17 years) in the framework of "ocean literacy", promoting knowledge of the natural heritage that the Ocean represents. This proposal includes a 100% practical integrated program in which a group of 60 children will interact with marine biologists, science disseminators and dive instructors. We propose that they embark on a trip, accompanied by scientists who do research in marine biology in Portugal. There will be at least four days of activities that include: pool diving activities, workshops, guided tours and field trips. The KIDS DIVE project aims to alert to the urgency of protecting the marine environment and biodiversity, promoting sustainability and contributing to the formation of a more participatory blue generation, as well as opening the door of the underwater world to children and young people, through an educational program of dissemination of science based on two principles: "learning by doing" and "knowing to preserve".

Contact: Frederico Almada, Instituto Universitário de Ciências Psicológicas Sociais e da Vida,

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