Alliance for Collaboration on Climate and Earth Systems Science

Initiative Type: Training

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability,Ocean Resources,Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: South Africa

Time Frame: 2011 - 2018

Description: The Applied Centre for Climate & Earth System Science (ACCESS) is a consortium of several agencies, research councils, research programmes, universities and research groups that have combined efforts to deliver a range of outputs aligned to the Department of Science and Technology Global Change Grand Challenge. It is a platform for integrated and end-to-end research and education, services and training outputs and outcomes related to the opportunities and challenges emanating from a varying and changing environment, collectively referred to as Earth systems science. ACCESS provides an opportunity for unprecedented cooperation across a range of disciplines, which reflects the inter-connected nature of the southern African Earth System. The second phase of the Alliance for Collaboration in Climate and Earth Systems Science (ACCESS) programme is now being implemented via the ACCESS Secretariat hosted by the CSIR as a sub-programme of the Global Change Research Programme Management Unit (GCRMU) of the NRF and in alignment with the Department of Science and Technology (DST) Earth Systems Flagship, which is currently being developed. In Phase II, ACCESS remains an instrument of the Global Change Grand Challenge (GCGC) and will implement a research project weighted towards the earth systems science aspects of the Global Change Research Plan (GCRP) nested in the Earth Systems Science Flagship Programme.

Contact: Contact Name: Neville Sweijd | Contact: | Institution: ACCESS

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