Ibero-American Programme on Science and Technology for Development

Initiative Type: Programmes

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Ocean Observation, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Argentina,Bolivia,Brazil,Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba,Dominican Republic,Ecuador,El Salvador,Guatemala,Honduras,Mexico,Nicaragua,Panama,Paraguay,Peru,Portugal,Spain,Uruguay,Venezuela

Time Frame: 1984-Ongoing


CYTED is the Ibero-American Programme on Science and Technology for Development, created by the governments of Ibero-American countries in order to promote cooperation in science, technology and innovation for the harmonious development of Ibero-American countries. CYTED achieves its objectives through different financing instruments that mobilize Ibero-American entrepreneurs, researchers and experts, enabling them to create joint projects on research, development and innovation. Thus, the countries involved in the CYTED Programme manage to keep updated with the latest scientific and technological advances and developments. The results of the Programme include the generation of strategic R&D projects involving corporations and experts, who with the CYTED cooperation platform can access important international funds.

Contact: Programa Iberoamericano de Ciencia y Tecnologテ?ツュa para el Desarroll

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