Estaciones de Monitoreo Ambiental Costero

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability,Emerging Pollutants,Ocean Observation,Ocean Resources,Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Argentina

Time Frame: n/a

Description: It is a system whose distinctive characteristics is the universality of the channels, where any sensor can be connected in any channel, allowing to simultaneously measure various parameters (hydrological, meteorological or otherwise). All sensors and the purchaser are completely flexible as it is developed with the aim that the equipment must be adapted to the user and not that the latter adapts to the equipment. In addition, the equipment has memory for months of storage as well as a real-time transmission, control and configuration system over the Internet (GPRS) or radio link.

Contact: Contact Name: Alejandro J. Vitale; Gerardo M. E. Perillo | Contact: avitale@criba.edu.ar; gmeperillo@criba.edu.ar | Institution: Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía (IADO-CONICET)

Initiative Website: