Climate change and European aquatic RESources

Initiative Type: Projects

BeleĢm Statement Area: Climate Variability, Ocean Resources, Ocean Observation, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Denmark,France,Germany,Greece,Ireland,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Spain,Sweden,Turkey,United Kingdom

Time Frame: 2016-2020


The CERES project – named after the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility – is devoted to the questions as to how climate change willl influence Europe´s fish and shellfish resources and how industry can adapt to and benefit from future change. 1) Environment: CERES will project future changes in physical conditions of marine and inland waters relevant for fisheries and aquaculture industries. 2) Resources: Biological models will scale up physiological and ecological responses of target species to estimate future changes in the productivity of fish and shellfish resources. 3) Economy: Based on future social and economic scenarios, CERES will estimate consequences for the marine and inland fisheries and aquaculture industries. 4) Risks & Vulnerability: CERES will assess risks, adaptive capacity and vulnerability of European fisheries and aquaculture sectors using different conceptual models. 5) Solutions: CERES will provide viable “bottom-up” (industry-driven) solutions to minimize the risks and maximize potential benefits of climate change. CERES will also provide “top-down (policy & management) solutions and highlight challenges where current governance structures may hinder future adaptation.

Contact: Myron Peck, University of Hamburg, myron.peck@uni-hamburg.de

Initiative Website: https://ceresproject.eu/