Gel テ?ツ Vista

Initiative Type: Projects

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources

Initiative Location: Portugal

Time Frame: 2016-Ongoing


GelAvista is a citizen science project that monitors gelatinous organisms along the Portuguese coast, addressing the lack of knowledge about these organisms. GelaVista seeks to recognize the value of gelatinous organisms, which are fundamental to the balance of ecosystems due to their ability to reproduce and grow rapidly, leading to an increase in their abundance and biomass. Simultaneously, GelaVista aims to inform citizens on to act when in contact with gelatinous organisms. This program aims to gather information about these animals, using the participation of the entire population that frequents the coastal areas - beaches, estuaries, rivers, marinas, and others - during their leisure activities (seaside, diving, sailing, surfing, etc.) or their professional activities (e.g. collection in fishing nets).

Contact: Antonina Santos, Instituto Portuguテ?ツェs do Mar e da Atmosfera,

Initiative Website: