International Good Hope

International Good Hope-SOSCEx 2019 Experiment: South African Climate and Ecosystem Science in the Southern Ocean

Initiative Type: Projects

BeleĢm Statement Area: Ocean Observation

Initiative Location: South Africa,United Kingdom

Time Frame: 2020


The overall scientific goals of SOSCEx-GoodHope are to make significant advances in the understanding of the seasonal cycle of air-sea fluxes, the biological carbon pump, storage of carbon and heat and the ocean physics of preferential predator feeding in the Southern Ocean. It will also provide a South African contribution to the global basin scale observations coordinated by GO-SHIP and GEOTRACES. The international dimension of this work is coordinated with the UK funded ORCHESTRA and CASCADE projects (latter in review), located in the Drake Passage area in 2018/2019 as well as the SR3 line lead from Hobart, Australia. Collectively, these studies will provide an unprecedented insight into these sectors of the Southern Ocean simultaneously.

Contact: Pedro Monteiro, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research,

Initiative Website: