Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (Bundesamt fuer Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie) / GeoSeaPortal

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Ocean Observation

Initiative Location: Germany

Time Frame: Ongoing


BSH is a higher federal authority within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). It is the public institution for maritime tasks. This concerns tasks such as averting dangers at sea, issuing official nautical charts and surveying tasks in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, as well as forecasting tides, water levels and storm surges. In addition, the BSH is responsible for the surveying of ships, flag law, the testing and approval of navigation and radio equipment and the issue of certificates for seafarers. With regard to construction projects in the North and Baltic Seas, the BSH is responsible for spatial planning and for the testing and approval of power generation systems (offshore wind turbines), cables and other systems within the scope of federal responsibility. In the service for shipping and the sea, BSH is a partner that supports maritime shipping and maritime economy, strengthens safety and environmental protection, promotes sustainable marine use, guarantees continuity of measurements and provides competent information on the condition of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Within the scope of our legal mandate, we concentrate on safety and environmental protection and represent German interests in Europe and internationally.

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