Everyone's Gliding Observatories

Initiative Type: Network

Belém Statement Area: Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Australia,Canada,France,Germany,Italy,Norway,South Africa,Spain,United Kingdom,United States of America

Time Frame: 2005-Ongoing


The Everyone's Gliding Observatories (EGO) initiative was launched by several teams of oceanographers, interested in developing the use of gliders for ocean observations and helped to set up a strong glider community. Experiments with international fleets of gliders have been carried out and EGO Workshops (including “Glider Schools”) are organized every year or so to present and discuss both scientific and technological issues. They intend to facilitate glider experiments through networking and support within the EGO community. We collect information about the worldwide glider activity, references, tutorials, technical notes, and links, and we support the development of software related to gliders. Their goal is to share the efforts needed by glider data collection as a community, and support the dissemination of glider data in global databases (like Coriolis Data Center) in real-time and delayed mode for a wider community.

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