European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform

Initiative Type: Other

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Belgium,Denmark,France,Italy,Norway,Spain

Time Frame: Ongoing


The European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform (EATIP) is an international non-profit association dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting aquaculture and, especially and specifically, technology and innovation in aquaculture in Europe so as to: (1) Establish a strong relationship between aquaculture and the consumer; (2) Assure a sustainable aquaculture industry; (3) Consolidate the role of aquaculture in society. EATIP has been designed to include all members of the European aquaculture value chain, from suppliers through producers to processors within the profession, accompanied by leading research groups and key representative organisations. Its key objectives are; (A) To offer the highest levels of product quality and new products that the consumer appreciates; (2) To provide the best nutrition and welfare for the livestock; (3) To ensure the response to and control required for environmental issues; (4) To improve and assure innovative approaches to engineering and equipment needs; (5) To attain economic profitability through competitive aquaculture processes and production; (6) To guarantee effective technology transfer and lifelong learning for those working in the sector.

Contact: Alexandra Neyts, European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform,

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