Shorefast Foundation

Initiative Type: Programmes

Belém Statement Area: Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Canada

Time Frame: Ongoing


The mission of Shorefast is to build cultural, ecological and economic resilience on Fogo Island and to serve other communities by sharing place-based models of economic development. To accomplish these goals, Shorefast has two main branches: (1) Shorefast, a Canadian registered charity: Through a combination of private donations and surpluses from SSEI businesses, our charitable initiatives support ocean literacy, geological research, academic residencies, microlending, boatbuilding, vernacular architecture, regenerative tourism, and community economic development; (2) Shorefast Social Enterprises Inc. (SSEI): This comprises our suite of social businesses (Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island Fish, Fogo Island Workshops, and Growlers Ice Cream). These businesses create meaningful employment, contribute to the local economy, and generate income to be reinvested in the local. Both their social enterprises and charity branches have their own board of directors and senior leadership teams.

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