Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition

Initiative Type: Projects

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology, Polar Research

Initiative Location: Canada

Time Frame: 2018-Ongoing


The Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition (COLC) is leading a Canada-wide research initiative. Taking the pulse of ocean literacy in Canada involves examining ocean knowledge, values, and actions. This initiative will lead to a better understanding of Canadians’ relationship(s) with the ocean, different approaches and challenges to ocean literacy, and effective ways to promote positive ocean actions. The COLC will advance ocean literacy in Canada. It will gather the collective strengths of Canada’s diverse networks, organizations, institutions, communities, and individuals to establish a strategic path and coordinate positive ocean. actions. The COLC has three key objectives: 1. Build a national ocean literacy strategy through regional consultation and engagement; 2. Establish and support an active ocean literacy research and monitoring program for Canada; 3. Strengthen ocean literacy initiatives and joint activities of COLC member organizations that promote broad public engagement across Canada.

Contact: Lisa (Diz) Glithero, Canadian Ocean Literacy Colition,

Initiative Website: