Brigada do Mar

Initiative Type: Projects

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Emerging Pollutants

Initiative Location: Portugal

Time Frame: 2009-Ongoing


Brigada do Mar is an association of volunteers that since 2009 develops actions to protect biodiversity and environmental intervention, with special focus on the decontamination and cleaning of beaches of the Portuguese seafront outside the concessioned areas. Brigada do Mar develops actions to protect biodiversity and carry out cleaning interventions in coastal areas that are not under concession. It is an environmental intervention project with three areas of activity: Beach cleaning; Environmental Education and Eco-Team buildings; Development cooperation. To raise awareness and educate the Portuguese population, Brigada do Mar, carries out the following actions: traveling exhibition; coastal decontamination actions; lectures at schools, companies and associations; eco-team buildings activities; cleaning a "urban" beach. Given the importance and urgency of acting to protect the environment and ecosystems, it is essential to share information and experiences with those who have the same way of acting and a common goal. In this way the Brigada do Mar collaborates with several institutions related to the theme of pollution of seas and beaches in order to create a network of good practices and cooperation for the resolution of this problem.

Contact: Simテ?ツ」o Acciaioli, Brigada do Mar,

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