Banco Nacional de Datos Oceanogrテ?ツ。ficos

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Ocean Observation, Ocean Resources

Initiative Location: Brazil

Time Frame: 1994-Ongoing


The Brazilian National Oceanographic Data Centre (BNDO) is supervised by the Brazilian government’s Centro de Hidrografia da Marinha (CHM). CHM activities are the follow ones: (1) obtain, receive, analyse, verify the consistency of the data received, organize, control, archive and disseminate oceanographic data; (2) maintain oceanographic data exchange with national and foreign institutions similar within the IOC; (3) maintain a bibliographic collection of IOC publications and documents for dissemination to the national scientific community; (4) coordinate, control and supervise, with the participation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national programs for obtaining oceanographic data. The BNDO has registered in its database information and oceanographic data provided by national and foreign organizations, coming from campaigns carried out by ships of the Brazilian and Merchant Navy, by the national scientific community and by foreign ships in waters under Brazilian jurisdiction.

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