Educaテ?ツァテ?ツ」o Propolar

Initiative Type: Projects

Beleフ[ Statement Area: Polar Research

Initiative Location: Portugal

Time Frame: 2005-Ongoing


The Propolar project aims to work the scientific knowledge, inside and outside the classroom, bringing the polar science closer to society and facilitating the understanding of concepts related to the polar regions: Arctic and Antarctic. This educational project aims to bring together scientific teams, working in the polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic), young researchers and teachers, in different educational activities, with the aim of promoting, sensitizing and educating generations to relevant themes on the planet. The materials and educational initiatives developed aim to accelerate the participation of all actors, both in national articulation and in collaboration with teachers and educators of foreign educational institutions. This project tends to follow the science that is being developed by the research projects framed in the Campaigns of the PrOgram Polar Portuguese - PROPOLAR.

Contact: Josテ?ツゥ Xavier, Educaテ?ツァテ?ツ」o Propolar,

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