Earth Microwave Data Center

Initiative Type: Infrastructures

Belém Statement Area: Ocean Observation, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: United States of America

Time Frame: Ongoing


The Earth Microwave Data Center has research-quality geophysical products from Satellite Microwave Sensors. The Data Centre is developed by Remote Sensing Systems, a world leader in processing and analyzing microwave data from satellite microwave sensors. We specialize in algorithm development, instrument calibration, ocean product development, and product validation. We have worked with more than 30 satellite microwave radiometer, sounder, and scatterometer instruments over the past 40 years. Currently, we operationally produce satellite retrievals for SSMIS, AMSR2, WindSat, and ASCAT. The geophysical retrievals obtained from these sensors are made available in near-real-time (NRT) to the global scientific community and general public via FTP and this web site.

Contact: Remote Sensing Systems

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