Sea Change Project – Sea Change Trust

Sea Change Project – Sea Change Trust



Sea Change Project – Sea Change Trust is a team of media and science professionals dedicated to connecting people to the wild through incredible stories backed by scientific knowledge. Our goal is to contribute to the long-term protection of South Africa’s marine environment by making the Great African Seaforest a global icon. Our work includes films, books, exhibitions, marine biology research through living science, and impact campaigns. Craig Foster and Ross Frylinck founded the Sea Change Trust in 2012. Through hundreds of hours of underwater exploration, they and the Sea Change team have come to understand this unique environment and the community of creatures that lives within it. We also support the call to sustainably increase South Africa’s marine protected areas (MPAs). Our team’s discoveries have led to a groundbreaking sequence in the BBC’s Blue Planet II TV series; an outdoor photography exhibition seen by an estimated 1 million people; the book Sea Change (to be released globally as Underwater Wild in October 2021); and a documentary feature film, My Octopus Teacher, which has won many international awards. We have also discovered many new species and animal behaviors and contributed towards, as well as conducted, foundational marine biology research.


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