Robótica Submarina Educativa

Robótica Submarina Educativa



In the EDUROVS project High School students, together with their teachers, will build underwater robots operated by remote control (ROV’s) and demonstrate their skills in construction and management of ROVs in a meeting with other schools. The project tries to attract and motivate students towards technology through the Construction and Remote Operation of Underwater Veicles (ROV’s). In addition, it seeks to promote the imagination of the students so that they take into account that the ROV’s must respect the marine environment in all their aspects. The main idea is to create small-scale prototypes, simples but functional using everyday materials that are easily accessible and economical. The objectives of the project are: (1) Introduce students to science, technology and engineering, enhancing concepts such as Newton’s laws, density, moment, torque, strength, or mass distribution; (2) Encourage schoolchildren’s interest in science and technology using underwater exploration and robotics, as a common tool that links these fields; (3) Encourage teamwork, respecting values and enhancing creativity; (4) Build taking into account a technological need for marine use, respecting the environment and using everyday materials.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Observation
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2012 - n/a


Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands