Projeto Cetáceos da Costa Branca – Costa Branca Cetaceans Project

Projeto Cetáceos da Costa Branca – Costa Branca Cetaceans Project



The Costa Branca Cetaceans Project (PCCB-UERN) operates in the monitoring of beaches, rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine animals (whales, dolphins, manatees, turtles and birds); with the mission of promoting research and conservation of marine, coastal and estuarine species and ecosystems, integrating scientific and traditional knowledge. Since 2009, PCCB-UERN has been running and participating in environmental conditioning projects. These projects are linked to the federal environmental licensing required by IBAMA for oil and gas exploration and production activities. The PCCB-UERN runs the Potiguar Basin Beaches Monitoring Project (PMP-BP) on the northern coast of Rio Grande do Norte / Ceará (from Caiçara do Norte / RN to Aquiraz / CE). In 2018 it has been extended to the eastern coast of RN (from Pedra Grande / RN to Natal / RN). The Project is able to perform daily monitoring, rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals on more than 437 km of coast. In addition to these activities, the PCCB-UERN also operates with bird monitoring, fishing diagnostics and anthropic impacts on marine fauna, decontamination of oiled animals, environmental awareness and education and a voluntary training program


Belem statement areas
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Resources
Time frame
1998 - Ongoing


Flávio José Lima Silva
Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte