Marine Genomics for Users

Marine Genomics for Users



Marine genomics has enormous potential to improve our lifestyles and prosperity, and to assist with governance and sustainable management of the marine environment. Marine Genomics 4 Users (MG4U) responds to several critical bottlenecks. It will spread results from recent and on-going projects in marine genomics and enhance rapid, efficient knowledge transfer to generate interdisciplinary research capacity in Europe. Scientists, government officials and representatives from small, medium and large enterprises will participate in diverse transfer activities. Seven partners, from the public and private sectors and representing the marine genomics community across Europe, went into partnership to facilitate Knowledge Transfer and technology translation focusing on high-throughput marine genomics knowledge to science, industry, policy and society. The MG4U consortium used innovative approaches to identify and collect Knowledge Outputs from marine genomics research projects carried out over the last decade in Europe. Where high potential outputs were identified, MG4U developed several Knowledge Transfer methodologies adapted to the various end-users (i.e. scientific community, industry or governance (also called policy makers)) deemed to be of interest with the potential applications linked to these outputs. The objective of the Knowledge Transfer phase was to promote the high potential of marine genomics to address societal needs in several fields


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Ocean Observation
Time frame
2011 - 2013


Bernard Kloareg
Centre national de la recherche scientifique