Knowledge Transfer Network for Prevention of Mental Diseases and Cancer in the Atlantic Area

Knowledge Transfer Network for Prevention of Mental Diseases and Cancer in the Atlantic Area



PHARMATLANTIC ‘Knowledge Transfer Network for the Prevention of Mental Diseases and Cancer in the AA’ is a project born from the necessity to provide the industries concerned located in the Atlantic seaboard with research and innovation advances to prevent mental diseases and cancer, developed by research institutions in these fields. The problem is linked to the lack of knowledge transmission in a field never explored before at EU level, i. e. the use of marine compounds to prevent mental diseases. Other studies and methods have been researched but have never taken into account market needs in terms of knowledge and innovation. Thus, the main objectives of the project are the development and introduction of adequate and efficient alternative methods based on antibodies and functional assays. On the other hand, the constitution of the Knowledge and Transfer Network will guarantee the introduction of those methods among pharmaceutical companies, as well as the sustainability of that transfer. This project also focuses on the effects of climate change in the AA, which is responsible for the creation of favourable ecological conditions for the reproduction of marine compounds. As a result, marine organisms have developed unique metabolic and physiological capabilities to enable them to survive in these new habitats. However, these negative effects caused by climate change can be seen in a positive light, because they are an important source of new chemicals that can be studied and developed by research centres of the AA, with the aim of being used by enterprises in the concerned sectors or benefiting future research (chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, maritime, fishing, etc. …). The partners of this project include some of these research centres were already involved in the development of models to test the activity, toxicology and validation of the activity of marine origin toxins in the AA. Research in the field of marine biotechnology and the transfer of know-how to promote competitiveness, productivity and quality of life in the AA are invaluable gains reached thanks to the network created by the PHARMATLANTIC project.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2010 - 2013


Luis M Botana
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela