ECO sail boat

ECO sail boat



ECO sail boat mission is to research, monitor and protect the life in marine ecosystems, developing science and technology for the sea, promoting the dissemination and education about its importance for future generations. Its vision is to be an integrative agent for science and technology, capable of creating solutions to increase the resilience of the oceans, ensuring the conservation of biodiversity. Their team consists of researchers, lecturers, students, sailors and professionals from all areas of knowledge, engaged in initiatives that support the development and improvement of our mission. Their Oceanographic Scientific Expedition Sailboat / Expedições Científicas Oceanográficas – ECO UFSC60 – is an onboard research laboratory that aims to support the scientific community from UFSC and other partner institutions, in the development of projects within the focus on initiatives linked to the sustainability of the oceans.


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Ocean Resources
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Centre for Environmental, Naval and Oceanographic Initiatives